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Sales & Consulting

Video production and broadcast is being challenged today like never before. Companies need economical solutions to both simple and complex workflow issues. 

GDS Communications understands these issues. As a small, boutique-style company, we focus first and foremost on your needs instead of trying to "fit" one of our products into your workflow. 

Helping you solve your issue is the most important thing to us. We work hard to build a high level of trust from our customers, which, in this current business and economic environment, is critical. 

So give us a call today. Whether you are a full broadcast network, a film/video production facility, or a small company looking to grow and expand, we can help.

One of the most difficult things people find to do is speak in front of an audience.  One-on-one is fine, but put them in front of 5, 6, or more people, and it's terrifying.  How does one get over this phobia?

With over fifty years of public speaking experience, Gary Shumyla, the owner of GDS Communications is available to speak at your next corporate event.  He talks about basic skills of public speaking, as it relates to the sales process.  Your salespeople will come away a more confident public speaker and be able to close more important deals.

Who is GDS Communications

GDS Communications is a Sales/Consulting/Training company with over 35 years of sales and consulting experience in the television broadcast and film/video post-production industries.  Working closely with our suppliers, we make sure that as a client, you receive the best support possible for your project.  Whether you need a product, some advice, or just someone to throw idea's around with, we are happy to be of assistance.

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Business Meeting
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