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You’ve done all the right things in your quest to secure business from your client.  Now, you just need to present your ideas to the decision-makers of the company.  This is where adrenaline kicks in.  It could be causing excitement, nervousness, anxiety, or just plain fear.  These emotions are not bad.  Instead, they can help motivate you to give a powerful presentation.

In this talk, Gary uses his 37 years of professional sales and 50 years of public speaking experience to show you how to use that adrenaline to your advantage.  You will learn skills such as when/how to prepare your introduction, how to be yourself, how to keep your audience engaged, even though individuals in the audience may have different interests.  He also shows how you can be enthusiastic, even though you are nervous.  Basic skills such as voice inflection, talking into a microphone, and even using video conferencing are covered.

By the end of the talk, you will be a more confident and successful presenter.

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This one hour seminar focuses not just on the skill of public speaking, but explains how to deal with the fear of public speaking and how to channel that nervous energy.  It discusses 10 qualities that will help improve speaking skills as well as how to prepare ahead of time, in order to make the presentation more effective.  The seminar is presented in a relaxed atmosphere so even the most nervous speakers will benefit from it, instead of being terrified of the subject matter.